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Katherine at work

Katherine Boylan

Katherine Boylan’s talent as a multi-media artist was discovered when she was in sixth grade. A student teacher in Omaha, Nebraska took interest in the drawing abilities of a shy, skinny kid, enrolling Katherine into an adult class of portrait studies. From there, she continued through her school years focusing on her art work.

Years later, Katherine pursued her Fine Arts degree in photography at Emporia State University studying under Larry Schwarm, known for his Kansas Prairie Fire photos. Larry provided Katherine with constructive criticism that led her to figure photos. Presented with the contention that her photos were boring and predictable, Katherine came out of her shell to shake her instructor up. Her initial figure study, “First Menses”, was of a woman that looks like a womb. The formerly shy girl from Nebraska established her ability to be creative and avant-garde.

Katherine draws upon her childhood experience to make you comfortable in front of the lens. Whether or not you feel photo-worthy, Katherine will prove it with her ability to capture inner beauty.

Katherine lives in Lenexa with her musician husband, three children and a menagerie of pets. She shares her creativity and style with her children by creating her works of art at home. Their family believes art is important to a productive, nurturing society and promotes that idea by hosting house concerts featuring music and local art.